The flavour’s all in the X – and you will love it: the right mix makes the music better, the party more lively, the days lighter, the nights darker and life richer. Are you with us? All of you out there, you there at the front: together, we are MiXery! Get a taste for it and show us how you live your life:


Flavour taken to the next level

Ultimate flavour meets ultimate power: MiXery Ultimate offers full flavour with a full 6% alcohol – as a tequila beer, as an energy mix and as the ultimate lemon load. Have we whetted your appetite? Then share your Ultimate moment with the hashtag


MiXery non-alcoholic

For people in search of more freedom: free up your style and enjoy MiXery all day long – with MiXery non-alcoholic Guarana Grapefruit and MiXery non-alcoholic Guarana Lemon! 100% flavour. 0.0% alcohol. Try it now!


Festivals entirely to your taste

When sunshine meets exuberance meets music meets hearts, the only thing that’s missing is MiXery: we present the top festivals of the year and lay the foundations for an amazing atmosphere – for example with the MiXery Festival Camp at selected festivals! Show us how you party with the hashtag


Nature One 2018

03.08.2018 Raketenbasis Pydna

Ruhr-in-Love 2018

07.07.2018 OlgaPark Oberhausen

Mayday 2018

30.04.2018 Westfalenhallen Dortmund

Nature One 2017

04.08.2017 Raketenbasis Pydna

Melt! Festival 2017

14.07.2017 Ferropolis


When things go on a little longer again and get a little louder and more exuberant and simply become unforgettable, you’re living according to your own taste. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share your MiXery moment with your friends and the whole world with the hashtag


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